VERSES Demos Natural Intelligence System "Genius"

Key Takeaway

VERSES has developed and demonstrated Genius, a new AI system patterned after natural intelligence that achieves general intelligence capabilities in software through understanding, learning, and adapting in real time. Genius represents a path to safer, more aligned AI that is more efficient and explainable.


  • VERSES believes traditional AI scaling through massive datasets and models alone will not achieve general intelligence. Genius takes a first principles "natural path" based on free energy and active inference principles from neuroscience to achieve adaptive, real-time learning.

  • Genius uses Hyperspatial Modeling Language (HSML) to enable agents to have coherent, explainable understanding of the real world across multiple dimensions like space, time, physics, semantics, and social contexts.

  • In the demo, untrained robotic and interface agents in a simulated environment were able to dynamically sense, model, predict, and act to complete tasks like locating objects, prohibiting unsafe actions, and summarizing activities.

  • Key capabilities shown include: real-time learning from experience not pre-training; knowledge sharing and collaboration between agents; autonomous navigation and task completion in dynamic situations; handling multi-dimensional data for decision making.

  • Genius is positioned as an "AI OS" to enable the next generation of intelligent apps across industries from autonomous systems to intelligent assistants and more that is fundamentally safer and aligned with human goals.

  • VERSES believes genius represents a path to "super shared intelligence", taking the natural path of growing an ecosystem of intelligent agents rather than scaling a single monolithic AI system.

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