Ex-Rep Alarmed by Briefing on AI's Potential Perils

Former Rep. Will Hurd was "freaked out" by a briefing on AI system GPT4 while serving on OpenAI's board, calling it a first step toward artificial general intelligence (AGI). He argues for governance guardrails on AGI given the potential for both good and catastrophic consequences.


  • Former Rep. Will Hurd served on OpenAI's board for two years before stepping down to run for president.
  • At one point, Hurd received a briefing on GPT4 that deeply concerned him about the progress toward AGI.
  • Hurd says AGI could enable solutions to global problems but also lead to irreversible consequences like those of nuclear war if unchecked.
  • He calls recent leadership turmoil at OpenAI a "call to action" to ensure AGI is governed properly.
  • Hurd argues AI should be accountable to laws, compensate creators, and require permits for powerful systems.
  • A permitting process would ensure powerful AI operates by agreed upon safe standards, similar to permits for nuclear plants.
  • Governance of rapidly advancing AI capabilities can't be left to a few people given the stakes involved.
  • There is a need to put guardrails in place to make AGI "a force for good rather than the harbinger of catastrophic consequences."


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