Mastering AI Whispers: Prompt Engineering Unlocks Payments Potential

Prompt engineering, the art of crafting effective queries for AI tools, is becoming an essential skill for businesses to get the most out of AI-powered solutions, particularly in the payments space.


  • AI is a powerful tool, but using it effectively requires skill: Knowing how to prompt AI models with clear and specific instructions is crucial to obtaining accurate and desired outputs.
  • Different prompting techniques exist for various scenarios: From basic "zero-shot" prompts to more complex "prompt chaining" for intricate tasks, tailoring the approach to the situation is key.
  • Human oversight remains essential: While AI can automate processes and generate creative text formats, human intervention is still necessary to validate outputs and ensure their accuracy.
  • Prompt engineering benefits various payment tasks: Optimizing transaction routing, personalizing checkouts, and enhancing fraud protection are just a few examples.
  • Industry-specific tailoring is crucial for scalability: AI solutions designed for the specific needs of the payments industry will yield better results than generic tools.
  • Learning resources are available: The PYMNTS Working Capital Tracker® and the daily AI Newsletter offer valuable insights into using AI effectively within payments.


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