Lucrative AI Jobs Pay Much More Than Average

AI-related jobs are offering significantly higher salaries compared to other occupations. Entry-level AI positions earn about 128% more than similar non-AI jobs.


  • AI jobs pay 77% more on average than non-AI jobs.
  • New "prompt engineering" roles pay up to $449,000 per year with basic programming/AI knowledge.
  • Entry-level AI jobs pay 128% more than similar non-AI entry roles.
  • Senior AI roles pay 48% more than non-AI senior roles.
  • Average prompt engineering salary is $62,977 in the US, going up to $95,500 for top earners.
  • AI job postings on LinkedIn have seen 17% more applicants over 2 years.
  • 131,000+ AI jobs could exist in computer science by 2024 indicating high demand.
  • Prompt engineers with AI knowledge can "hack" models to generate inappropriate content.
  • While AI may automate many future jobs, currently it is creating lucrative new roles.


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