No-Code Platform Makes AI More Accessible for Developers

Meistrari, a Brazilian startup, is developing a platform to simplify and improve "prompt engineering," which is the process of creating instructions for large language models (LLMs) to generate text. Their platform offers a no-code interface, automated prompt creation and evaluation, and quality control for applications using various LLMs.


  • Meistrari was founded in 2023 by Rodrigo Bobrow and Henrique Cunha after they experienced the difficulty of prompt engineering while building an AI product.
  • Their platform focuses on making prompt engineering accessible and efficient, even for users with no programming knowledge.
  • It offers three main features: prompt creation, testing with various scenarios, and evaluation of the LLM's output.
  • Meistrari has attracted interest from notable figures in the tech industry, including the founders of Shopify and Cohere.
  • They recently closed a $4 million seed funding round and are planning to release a minimum viable product in the next two months.
  • The company's long-term vision is to create an integrated development environment specifically for natural language, allowing users to build applications powered by LLMs without needing to code.


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