Will AI Replace Developers? Client Refuses ChatGPT Code

Clients are starting to specify not accepting code generated by AI tools like ChatGPT, but these tools can actually help developers be more productive by providing initial code sketches.


  • The job posting specified not accepting ChatGPT generated code, sparking a debate on Twitter whether AI generated code is good enough.
  • Opinions differ on whether clients would notice if code is AI-generated. Some say embracing AI is key for companies to stay relevant.
  • ChatGPT can generate usable initial code for simpler programming tasks when prompted properly, like a Python script to reconcile CSV files that the author is using for a real Upwork job.
  • Developers still need to evaluate, improve, and adapt any AI generated code, treat it like code written by a junior developer. It may have bugs or limitations.
  • AI could generate 10-99% of code for some Upwork jobs now. Developers mainly need to deploy and deliver it.
  • Open questions remain around client acceptance, productivity gains from AI assistance, and if we'll soon see basic coding jobs fully automated

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