ChatGPT Plays Cupid, Helps Man Meet His Wife on Tinder

Aleksandr Zhadan used ChatGPT to create an AI assistant that conversed with over 5,000 women on Tinder to help him find dates and ultimately introduced him to his wife, Karina Vyalshakaeva.


  • Zhadan created a ChatGPT-powered program to assist him with matching, messaging, and scheduling dates on Tinder after struggling to find a girlfriend.
  • The program matched his preferences, held conversations, and scheduled over 100 first dates for him.
  • It conversed with over 5,000 women, filtering out those who did not meet Zhadan's criteria.
  • After continual upgrades as new GPT versions released, the program ultimately matched Zhadan with his now-wife Karina in December 2022.
  • Karina was initially speaking to the AI assistant before getting to know the real Zhadan in the first few months.
  • The program automated and streamlined the dating process for Zhadan, saving him time while still resulting in a human connection.


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