Meta Tags AI Content Across Platforms

Meta is implementing new ways to detect and label AI-generated images across its platforms to promote transparency around this emerging technology.


  • Meta has been working with industry partners to develop common technical standards for identifying AI-generated content through invisible markers like metadata and watermarks.
  • In the coming months, Meta will start labeling AI images across Facebook, Instagram, and Threads when its systems detect these common industry indicators.
  • Meta will require users to disclose if they are sharing realistic AI-generated video/audio and apply labels in those cases.
  • The company is also developing classifiers to detect AI content lacking markers and ways to prevent alteration/removal of watermarks.
  • Meta notes challenges in identifying all AI content currently and that adversarial efforts to deceive may increase.
  • The company emphasizes its community standards apply regardless of content origin and is testing using AI to improve policy enforcement.
  • Meta aims to be transparent about AI content while developing new generative AI responsibly.


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