Meta Expands AI Image Labels to Curb Election Misinfo

Meta will expand efforts to identify and label AI-generated images on its platforms ahead of upcoming elections globally, seeking to curb misinformation and deception.


  • Meta will label AI-generated images from major AI companies like Google, OpenAI, Microsoft etc. in addition to content created by its own AI tools.

  • These labels will appear in all languages available on Facebook, Instagram and Threads in the coming months.

  • Meta will work with other AI companies on technical standards to detect AI-generated content even without embedded signals like watermarks.

  • Users can voluntarily disclose AI-generated audio/video since those are harder to detect automatically. Penalties may apply for undisclosed deepfakes.

  • Prominent labels will be added for AI content posing high risk of public deception on important matters.

  • This effort to curb election-related misinformation builds on previous actions after issues in 2016 and 2020 US elections.


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