Deepfakes Threaten Democracy: Can AI Be Stopped Before Warping the US Election?

Generative AI poses a serious threat to the upcoming US presidential election by enabling the spread of disinformation that could manipulate voters and distort the outcome.


  • Generative AI tools can create realistic-looking fake images and videos that are difficult to distinguish from reality.
  • Political parties are already using generative AI to produce ads that attack their opponents with false information.
  • The spread of disinformation could have a significant impact on voter behavior and change the outcome of the election.
  • There are currently no laws or regulations in place to prevent the misuse of generative AI in elections.
  • Fact-checkers may not be able to keep up with the spread of disinformation, especially if it is released just before Election Day.
  • An executive order issued by Biden last October requires developers to share safety test results for new AI models, but it is unclear how effective this will be in preventing misuse.
  • There is a need for comprehensive AI regulation that prohibits the online posting of AI-generated election-related images and videos and allows for the disclosure of information on the source of false information.


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