Meta Unleashes More Powerful AI for Coding in Code Llama 70B

Meta has released Code Llama 70B, the largest and most advanced AI model for code generation and editing in the Code Llama family. It will be included in the upcoming Llama 3 model.


  • Meta released Code Llama 70B, the "largest and best-performing model" in the Code Llama family of AI models for coding.
  • Code Llama 70B has 70 billion parameters, larger than previous versions.
  • It is available in 3 versions - the base model, one tuned for Python, and one that understands natural language instructions.
  • The models are open source and free for research and commercial use.
  • In benchmarks, Code Llama outperformed other publicly available models on coding tasks.
  • Code Llama 70B will be included in the upcoming Llama 3 model from Meta.
  • Code Llama was first launched in August 2023 with 3 initial versions.
  • Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the release of Code Llama 70B, highlighting the importance of coding capabilities for AI models.


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