Can GPTStore Rival App Store Revenues for Developers?

The key takeaway is that while GPTStore has potential to generate revenue for developers, it likely won't match the earnings from major app stores like AppStore in the near future. Most GPT apps don't differentiate enough from base GPT models to justify high pricing. However, there is still long-term potential if more innovative and specialized GPT apps emerge.


  • The post discusses concerns that GPTStore may have limited earnings potential for developers compared to major app stores.
  • Currently most GPT apps don't add enough value over base GPT models to justify high pricing or earnings.
  • There are exceptions where GPT apps use actions to extend capabilities in new ways, but these are rare.
  • OpenAI sees long-term potential in ChatGPT as a platform, but commercialization is still early.
  • While current GPT app market performance is lacking, future technological and market advances could change this.
  • Developers should still explore possibilities now as foundations are being laid for future opportunities.
  • GPT apps can be used for brand building and driving traffic to tools even if direct revenue is limited.
  • Revenue potential depends on factors like openness of access, whether GPT apps can establish barriers, and less reliance on GPT Plus limitations.


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