The Lucrative Rise of Prompt Engineers

The key takeaway is that prompt engineering has emerged as a lucrative new skillset in the year since ChatGPT launched, involving crafting effective prompts to get AI systems to produce better results. There is high demand and premium pay for prompt engineers.


  • In the past year since ChatGPT launched, prompt engineering has emerged as a new in-demand skillset where people are paid over $300,000 to get AIs like ChatGPT to generate better outputs.

  • Google searches and LinkedIn profile mentions for "prompt engineering" have soared, showing the rising popularity.

  • Prompt engineers possess domain expertise in their fields in addition to AI prompt crafting abilities, making their skills valuable.

  • Tips for good prompt engineering include being iterative, passing more data/context to the AI, and not expecting perfect results immediately but over multiple queries.

  • The rise of prompt engineering shows how AI is reshaping jobs - not just eliminating roles but creating new premium roles around effectively using AI.

  • However, as AI systems improve, the need for manual prompt engineering may diminish over time.


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