Tech Giants Pledge Millions for AI Training

Major tech companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon have pledged to train millions of workers in AI skills by 2025-2026 to address the talent gap and prepare workforces for AI adoption across industries.


  • IBM aims to train 2 million people in AI skills by end of 2026 through its online SkillsBuild program and university partnerships.

  • Microsoft UK set goal to train 1 million people in AI skills by 2025 through its Get On program.

  • Amazon announced plan to train 2 million in AI skills globally by 2025 via its new free online AI Ready courses.

  • Large AI skills gap exists currently - 73% of companies surveyed say hiring people with AI skills is a top priority but 75% are unable to meet demand.

  • Strong salary premiums for AI skills - on average 47% higher pay compared to those without AI skills. Specialized AI roles like prompt engineers can earn over $300,000.

  • Demand for AI skills driven by rise of generative AI and increasing AI adoption across sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, finance.

  • Companies recognize need to train existing employees as AI is transforming industries.



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