Will AI turn coders into managers?

AI assistants like ChatGPT are more like employees you need to negotiate with rather than code you can precisely control, so integrating AI may turn programmers into managers of AI systems.


  • Generative AI systems like ChatGPT interpret prompts and can be stubborn about following directions, requiring negotiation like managing employees rather than coding.
  • AI can make programmers more productive and help train junior developers, but working with AI systems introduces new ethical considerations around accountability, transparency, and bias.
  • While AI may take some programming jobs, complex tasks still require human expertise - whether coding skills, prompt engineering skills, or a mix. Patience is also needed when working with AI.
  • Using AI is faster for some tasks like finding data, but code is more accurate and controllable. The combination offers interesting possibilities but doesn't eliminate the need for human knowledge.
  • Integrating unpredictable AI systems changes the nature of programming work and may turn coders into managers who must guide AI behavior rather than fully control outcomes.


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