Stay Relevant with AI

Key Takeaway

Artificial intelligence like ChatGPT is already being widely used in workplaces and everyone should learn how to properly use these tools through prompt engineering in order to remain relevant at work as AI continues advancing rapidly.


  • ChatGPT and other large language models take inputs called "prompts" and provide outputs, so providing effective prompts is key to getting good results, known as "prompt engineering".
  • Prompt engineering is becoming an important skill like learning how to search on Google effectively when it was new.
  • Surveys show employees are already using ChatGPT extensively so managers need to set guidelines to steer its usage positively as it is here to stay.
  • Everyone should try using ChatGPT for searches instead of Google to get a sense of its capabilities and limits.
  • ChatGPT can enable dangerous disinformation so safeguards are needed but it is a moving target as the technology keeps advancing rapidly.
  • AI like ChatGPT will disrupt all industries - manufacturing, healthcare, journalism, education etc. There will be positives and negatives.
  • The next step is integrating these AI tools into organizational processes and figuring out how to use it properly at an individual and enterprise level.

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