The Rise of Prompt Engineers

Key Takeaway

The key takeaway is that prompt engineers are in huge demand as the world embraces generative AI, but there is a major shortage of availability of people with prompt engineering skills.


  • Prompt engineering involves getting the best, most relevant answers from AI models through careful prompt design, both conversationally and programmatically.
  • Prompt engineering skills are very scarce currently, with salaries reaching over $300,000 per year.
  • Recruiting prompt engineers is extremely difficult as there is lack of experienced people - at most 2-3 years experience.
  • Tools need to be built to train prompt engineers more systematically and programmatically.
  • Prompt engineering requires a mix of technical skills along with business context, user empathy, creativity and writing skills. Data scientists may not directly transfer.
  • Financial services firms like RBC are using AI for cost mitigation currently, not revenue generation. Adoption is gradual.
  • Wealth management requires human customized advice and reassurance, not just bots. So AI augments human capabilities currently.
  • As an IT leader, the goal is to increase human advisor efficiency by automating baseline activities, so they can focus on client relationships.


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