Corporations Rapidly Embracing AI Despite Worker Worries

Artificial intelligence mentions in corporate earnings calls have surged dramatically in the past year, indicating AI is becoming deeply entrenched in corporate strategy and performance. Companies that embrace AI are seeing substantial benefits like revenue growth, share price increases, and improved productivity.


  • Mentions of AI on corporate earnings calls soared from 500 times in Q1 2022 to over 30,000 times in Q3 2023.
  • Number of companies discussing AI on calls increased from 1,625 to 2,247 over that period.
  • Accenture analyzed over 70,000 earnings transcripts across 10,452 companies.
  • Finance leaders anticipate AI chatbots leading to major business process changes.
  • AI-influenced revenue more than doubled 2018-2021 at companies and expected to triple in 2022.
  • Pre-pandemic, AI-focused firms saw 50% higher revenue growth vs peers.
  • Execs discussing AI in 2021 were 40% more likely to have stock price increases.
  • Workers want AI skills training but only 5% of companies are providing it currently.
  • Most employees worried about job loss, stress from AI but executives less concerned.
  • Leading AI companies investing in skills mapping and data integration to align worker capabilities with business growth.
  • Bringing AI into an organization requires ensuring "work works for everyone" from leadership down.


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