How AI Will Shape the Future of Communications

Key Takeaway

ChatGPT and other AI technologies have the potential to fundamentally change the communications profession by automating rote tasks and allowing PR pros to focus more on creativity and strategy. However, AI cannot fully replace human skills and judgment.


  • Recent hype around ChatGPT highlights a need for culture shift and process change in PR to take advantage of new technologies.
  • ChatGPT sits on the "hype cycle" where the initial excitement may soon give way to disillusionment before the technology's true impact emerges.
  • AI tools can help solve problems for writers and communicators rather than replace them, such as assisting with the blank page problem, iterative editing, and personalized content.
  • Smart use of AI may increase retention by reducing drudgery and allowing employees to focus on more fulfilling work.
  • Organizations that plan to replace writers with AI may find out the hard way that human skills still provide value AI cannot replicate.
  • Writers and PR pros should showcase abilities that complement AI to highlight their ongoing importance.
  • AI likely will not replace communication professionals but rather change how they work and allow greater creativity and impact.


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