Sheriff's Office Slammed for Posting AI-Generated Fake News

The Philadelphia Sheriff's Office took down fake AI-generated news headlines attributed to media outlets like NBC10 that were posted on their website to highlight Sheriff Rochelle Bilal's accomplishments.


  • The Philadelphia Sheriff's Office website had posted over 30 fake news headlines touting Sheriff Bilal's achievements that were created using ChatGPT.
  • The headlines falsely claimed stories were published by outlets like NBC10, WHYY, CBS3 on Bilal winning the sheriff's election, providing free gun locks, suspending evictions etc.
  • None of the outlets have these stories in their archives and confirmed they are fake.
  • The posts have now been removed after facing backlash and criticism around misinformation.
  • Critics express concern that such misinformation erodes public trust and harms democracy.
  • Use of AI tools like ChatGPT to generate fake endorsements and news is unethical and irresponsible.
  • Lack of regulation around use of AI tools in political campaigning enables such activities.
  • AI models can make frequent errors leading to generation of false information if not carefully validated.


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