California Takes Lead in AI Accountability

California Senator Steve Padilla has introduced two bills - SB 892 and SB 893 - to establish ethical and safety guidelines for AI systems, especially those used by state agencies. The bills also aim to increase access to AI research and resources within the state.


  • SB 892 requires the state Department of Technology to develop standards around safety, privacy, and non-discrimination for AI services. It prohibits state agencies from contracting AI services that don't meet these standards.

  • SB 893 establishes a California AI research hub to provide academics with access to compute resources and data.

  • These bills follow an earlier one by Senator Scott Wiener to increase transparency of "frontier" AI models and establish a state AI research center.

  • Several other states have also started exploring regulation around use of AI by government agencies.

  • Federal policymakers have proposed bills around disclosure of training data, digital likeness protections, and banning AI in campaign ads. But no major federal AI regulations have passed yet.


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