Former Intel Exec Takes Helm to Scale AI Hardware Unicorn

Untether AI has brought on a new CEO, Chris Walker, who formerly held leadership roles at Intel. He came out of retirement to lead Untether AI's "scaling moment" and help the company compete globally in the AI hardware market.


  • Untether AI started 2024 with a new CEO, Chris Walker, replacing the previous CEO.
  • Walker is a former Intel VP with 30 years of experience. He retired in 2022 but joined Untether AI as president a year later.
  • He believes Untether AI is positioned for a "scaling moment" given the current AI market growth and convergence of multiple tech transformations.
  • Along with a new board member, Walker brings experience in commercialization and scaling to Untether AI.
  • However, commercialization and achieving scale have been historical challenges for Canadian hardware companies. Untether AI will likely need to raise more capital.
  • Walker acknowledges the need for more funding, but says Untether AI is focused on specific multibillion-dollar market slices with its novel AI hardware architecture.
  • Key questions remain around whether Untether AI can successfully capitalize on its "scaling moment" under this new leadership.


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