TikTokers Unwittingly Birth New AI Tech

Alibaba created an "Animate Anyone" model that can animate images based on body movement keypoints, sparking debate about ethics and legal issues since it was reportedly trained on TikTok videos without consent. This case could set precedents for AI model training and use.


  • Alibaba introduced "Animate Anyone" model to animate images via body movement keypoints
  • Model demo on YouTube is impressive, animating people in still images
  • Model was allegedly trained on TikTok videos without creator consent
  • Use of "TikTok dataset" to train commercial model sparked ethical debate
  • Blurs boundaries around permissible data use and consent requirements
  • Raises legal questions around using personal data without permission
  • Alibaba case could establish precedents for AI model training practices
  • Likely to impact future data policies and regulations for AI systems
  • Comes as generative AI rapidly advances, requiring updated ethical norms
  • Links provided to Alibaba model and OpenPose pose estimation resources


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