Master the Art of Talking to AI: A Guide to Prompt Engineering

  • Prompt engineering is a rapidly evolving field that has become an essential part of interacting with LLMs.
  • This article provides an introduction to prompt engineering, covering the basics and delving into some of the most common techniques.
  • Some of the key techniques covered in the article include:
    • Chain-of-Thought prompting: This technique helps LLMs reason by breaking down problems into smaller steps.
    • Tree of Thought prompting: This technique allows LLMs to explore different solutions to a problem by searching through a tree of possibilities.
    • Auto-CoT prompting: This technique allows LLMs to automatically generate their own prompts, reducing the need for human intervention.
    • Skeleton-of-Thought prompting: This technique helps LLMs generate structured outputs by providing them with a template to follow.
    • Chain of Density prompting: This technique helps LLMs generate high-quality summaries by balancing the amount of information included.
    • Chain-of-Verification prompting: This technique helps LLMs generate more reliable and factual responses by verifying the information they produce.
    • Graph of Thoughts: This is a new paradigm for prompt engineering that aims to enable more flexible and human-like problem-solving.
    • Thought Propagation: This technique helps LLMs solve complex problems by instructing them to identify and solve similar problems first.
  • The article also provides a list of additional resources for those who want to learn more about prompt engineering.


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