The Dark Side of Democratized AI

The most common uses of AI tools like ChatGPT are spamming, cheating, faking, and other mundane or unethical purposes rather than truly democratizing intelligence. This reflects the simplistic human condition despite our intelligence.


  • AI was supposed to lower the cost of intelligence but is instead lowering the cost of spam, fake information, cheating, etc. It is primarily being used for "Bullshit as a Service" (BaaS).

  • Tools like ChatGPT were meant to democratize access to knowledge and creativity. But most people who now have easy access to those capabilities are not using them for good purposes.

  • The author previously argued these tools would allow anyone to write the book of their dreams. But he now realizes the world is not ready to use that creative power responsibly.

  • We imagine AI will enable either a utopian or apocalyptic future. But instead it is being used for mundane and dumb purposes that reveal our basic human instincts.

  • Humans are intelligent enough to understand the universe yet remain trapped by primal drives. We keep trying to reach further but can't transcend our core nature.

  • AI reflects the paradox that we are amazingly capable yet frustratingly simple creatures. We glimpsed the stars but were not made to touch them.


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