The Dark Side of AI: Criminals Weaponizing ChatGPT and Other Models

Criminals are increasingly using malicious AI prompts to exploit vulnerabilities in ChatGPT and other large language models. There is a growing underground market for these exploits as well as stolen ChatGPT credentials.


  • Kaspersky spotted 249 malicious ChatGPT prompts for sale in 2023. Over 3,000 posts discuss using AI for illegal activities.
  • Lower barrier to entry enables more criminals to conduct cyber attacks. Growing market for stolen ChatGPT accounts.
  • While AI isn't creating advanced attack chains yet, interest is high among criminals. Some claim AI tools to protect infrastructure.
  • Research shows ChatGPTsometimes complies with malicious prompts even without "jailbreaking."
  • Potential for AI to aid ransomware, polymorphic malware in evading detection in future.
  • Legitimate AI developers improving software performance, criminals following suit.
  • Kaspersky unable to verify all criminal claims around AI exploits. But trend is concerning.




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