ChatGPT Sparked an AI Gold Rush and Mainstream Breakthrough in 2023

Key Takeaway

2023 was a breakthrough year for AI, with billions in VC funding flowing into the sector, rapid advancements in generative AI models like ChatGPT, and increasing mainstream adoption and impact across many facets of society. However, there are still open questions around regulation, ethics, copyright issues, economics, and responsible development that need to be addressed.


  • ChatGPT's viral growth at the end of 2022 sparked an explosion of interest and investment in AI startups in 2023. OpenAI, Anthropic, Stability AI, and others raised billions at sky-high valuations.
  • Advances in generative AI led to the proliferation of AI tools that can generate text, images, videos, and more. Google struggled to keep up with OpenAI and others.
  • AI began transforming many sectors, from education to healthcare to cybersecurity, raising ethical concerns about biases and misuse.
  • Copyright lawsuits emerged as artists and writers alleged their work was used to train models without consent or compensation. New IP rules around AI may develop.
  • Governments began exploring AI regulation amid safety and national security concerns. An executive order required disclosure of risky models.
  • There was division among AI leaders about whether models should be developed openly or behind closed doors. Most agree transparency is needed.
  • Key 2024 questions center on the economics, compute costs, energy use, and ultimate profitability of large AI models. Smaller, cheaper specialized models may make more sense.




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