Togal.AI Achieves 940% Growth in 2023

Togal.AI, an AI-powered construction tech startup, achieved 940% growth in 2023, expanding from 250 to over 2,600 users. Its product-market fit and move towards a product-led growth strategy drove rapid organic adoption.


  • Togal.AI is a proptech startup founded by Patrick Murphy less than 2 years ago to streamline planning in construction projects.

  • In 2023, the company saw 940% growth, going from 250 to 2,600+ users, helping clients like Coastal Construction save $1 million.

  • Murphy attributes this growth to:

    • Capitalizing on growing public interest in AI technologies like GPT.

    • Addressing initial product challenges and ensuring it met industry needs.

    • Gradual increase in customer trust and referrals within the construction industry community.

    • Shift towards a product-led growth strategy with easy signup.

  • Tips Murphy shares for finding product-market fit:

    • Obsessively focus on your early beta users - listen and understand their issues closely.

    • Don't get distracted by marketing or sales initially - user feedback is most crucial.

  • Upcoming Togal.AI product developments:

    • Expanding capabilities from architectural to electrical, plumbing and mechanical plans.

    • Automating more of the estimation and take-off process.

    • Launching Togal GPT to interact with documents and access information.

    • Mobile optimization and drawing revision comparisons.

    • Collaboration tool like Google Sheets for construction plan teamwork.

  • Murphy also leads government relations at Renco, focused on renewable composite building materials that are eco-friendly, durable and fast to construct.

  • He sees momentum in South Florida's tech ecosystem but a shortage of technical talent to support growth.


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