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Bipartisan Task Force Tackles AI: From Deepfakes to China's Threat

The House of Representatives has launched a bipartisan Task Force on Artificial Intelligence to explore its societal implications and develop policy recommendations. The Task Force will consider various issues like deepfakes, algorithmic bias, labor impacts, data privacy, and existential risks. While members have diverse priorities, they share concerns about China's…

Chinese AI Rival Claims to Beat Industry Leader

The key takeaway is that Chinese AI company iFlytek has developed a new AI model called Spark v3.5 that its creators claim can beat OpenAI's industry-leading GPT-4 Turbo model in several key areas like language, math, and coding capabilities. READ MORE

Baidu's Ernie Rivals ChatGPT With 100 Million Users

Baidu's AI chatbot Ernie bot has exceeded 100 million users, rivaling OpenAI's ChatGPT and establishing itself as a major player in the conversational AI space. Ernie bot's ability to accommodate both English and Chinese gives it an edge in the Chinese market over ChatGPT. READ MORE

Beijing Launches AI Supercomputer to Boost Local Tech Development

Key Takeaway Beijing has launched a state-backed public computing platform, the Beijing AI Public Computing Platform (Shangzhuang project), to support China's AI development and address the shortage of computing power needed to train advanced AI models. READ MORE

China's 2023 AI Pursuit Shifts from LLM Rollouts to Adoption

Key Takeaway The key takeaway is that in 2023, China's pursuit of AI shifted from rapidly rolling out large language models (LLMs) to focusing more on finding commercialization opportunities and customers to adopt the technology. READ MORE