Beijing Launches AI Supercomputer to Boost Local Tech Development

Key Takeaway

Beijing has launched a state-backed public computing platform, the Beijing AI Public Computing Platform (Shangzhuang project), to support China's AI development and address the shortage of computing power needed to train advanced AI models.


  • The platform is operated by state-owned Beijing Energy Holding (BEH) to provide computing power to Beijing's tertiary institutions, research facilities and SMEs.
  • It aims to offer 500 petaflops of computing power initially, ramping up to 1,500 petaflops by early 2024.
  • This is part of Beijing's initiative to nurture local AI champions to rival ChatGPT and Google's Bard, amidst tighter US export controls on advanced semiconductors needed for AI.
  • BEH signed deals with Alibaba Cloud, Zhipu AI and others to collaborate on areas like green energy, public cloud, computing infrastructure for the platform.
  • It aligns with Beijing's plan to pool computing resources from top cloud providers for use by local AI researchers and companies.
  • Beijing already hosts 1/3 of China's core AI startups, so the platform aims to boost its AI innovation capacity.


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