Audacity Unleashes Local AI Audio Editing on PCs

Audacity has released AI plugins that enable locally running AI capabilities like music generation, noise filtering, and transcription on PCs with Intel 11th gen Core chips or later.


  • Audacity released plugins on Jan 3, 2024 that bring AI capabilities to its audio editor software.
  • The plugins utilize OpenVINO, an open-source toolkit optimized by Intel for its chips.
  • Capabilities enabled by the plugins include noise suppression, transcription, music generation using AI, and separating vocals and instruments.
  • Transcription uses Whisper.cpp and can output to label tracks or files. Music generation leverages Stable Diffusion and Riffusion.
  • The plugins currently only work on Audacity 3.4.2 and require Intel 11th gen Core chips or later, as well as Arm chips.
  • Installation requires downloading Audacity 3.4.2, the Audacity OpenVINO module, and OpenVINO models that are nearly 2GB.
  • After installation, the plugins provide early locally running AI tools to tap into AI PC potential for audio editing.


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