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Apple Unveils Revolutionary AI Image Editor

Apple has released an open-source AI model called MGIE that can edit images based on natural language instructions, allowing for more controllable and flexible image manipulation. READ MORE

OpenAI Working on AI Smartphone with Apple Designers

Key Takeaway OpenAI, the AI company behind ChatGPT, is likely working on a smartphone in collaboration with former Apple designers Jony Ive and Tang Tan. The device could integrate AI in a way that radically changes how we use phones. READ MORE

Former Apple Design Chief Tang Tan to Build AI Phone For OpenAI

Key Takeaway Apple's top iPhone and Apple Watch designer, Tang Tan, has resigned from Apple to join Jony Ive's design firm LoveFrom. He will work with Ive and OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman on designing new AI hardware, likely an AI-powered smartphone. Over 20 former Apple designers have now joined LoveFrom…

Apple Partners with Publishers to Train AI

Key Takeaway Apple is paying online news publishers $50 million for access to their content to train an AI model, likely to be used in future iPhones. Publishers support this as Apple is approaching them directly rather than scraping data like other AI models. However, some publishers are concerned that…