OpenAI Working on AI Smartphone with Apple Designers

Key Takeaway

OpenAI, the AI company behind ChatGPT, is likely working on a smartphone in collaboration with former Apple designers Jony Ive and Tang Tan. The device could integrate AI in a way that radically changes how we use phones.


  • OpenAI is working on a mysterious "AI-first device" with the design firm LoveFrom, run by former longtime Apple designer Jony Ive.
  • Recently, another key Apple designer, Tang Tan, left to join Ive's team at LoveFrom. Tan led iPhone and Apple Watch design.
  • Ive is credited with designing major Apple products like the iMac, iPhone, and Apple Park campus. He left Apple in 2019 but still works with them.
  • OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is providing the AI capabilities. Ive and Tan are handling the hardware and design.
  • With Ive's design background, Tan's hardware engineering chops, and OpenAI's AI platform, they could create a groundbreaking AI-powered smartphone.
  • The new device has the potential to revolutionize the smartphone space like the original iPhone did in 2007.
  • It could integrate AI in profound ways we haven't seen before, changing how people interact with and use their phones.
  • There are no details yet on what the device will look like or exactly what features it will have. But the talent behind it makes it an extremely interesting project to watch.


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