OpenAI Unveils Game-Changing GPT Mentions Feature

Key Takeaway

OpenAI is rolling out a new GPT Mentions feature in beta that allows users to integrate custom GPTs/bots into conversations by tagging them, expanding ChatGPT's capabilities beyond just chatting.


  • The GPT Mentions feature allows users to tag custom GPTs/bots in prompts using @, similar to Slack.
  • This feature is currently in beta and will likely only be available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers when launched.
  • It significantly increases the value and usage potential of custom GPTs created through OpenAI's platform.
  • Users can invoke multiple GPTs in each ChatGPT interaction, enabling complex workflows.
  • This sets ChatGPT apart from other chatbots like Google Bard, Claude, etc.
  • GPT Mentions aids workflow automation and handling everyday tasks using AI.
  • GPT-4 will allow custom GPTs to act in the same prompt as ChatGPT.
  • The feature expands ChatGPT's capabilities far beyond just chatting.



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