Growing User Discontent with GPT-4's Declining Performance: Voices from the OpenAI Developer Forum

The key takeaway from the content is a growing dissatisfaction among users of the GPT-4 model, as expressed in the OpenAI Developer Forum. Users are reporting a perceived decline in the model's performance, citing issues such as reduced response quality, inability to understand and execute simple tasks, and a general decline in usefulness.


  • User Frustration: Multiple users express disappointment with the decreasing capabilities of GPT-4, citing issues such as poorer response quality and failure to execute tasks that it previously handled well.
  • Comparison with Previous Versions: Users recall better performance in earlier versions of GPT-4, suggesting a decline in quality with subsequent updates.
  • Specific Issues Noted:
    • Code Generation Problems: Users report difficulties in getting useful code outputs, with the AI often repeating or misinterpreting instructions.
    • Image Processing Concerns: Some users mention problems with image processing tasks, which previously worked well.
    • Degradation in Basic Tasks: Complaints include failure in performing simple tasks like summarizing texts or translating, which were once easy for GPT-4.
    • Response Quality and Understanding: Users notice a decrease in the quality of responses and the model’s understanding of prompts.
  • Subscription Cancellation: Due to these issues, several users are considering or have already cancelled their subscriptions, looking for alternatives.
  • Possible Causes and Speculations: Some speculate that the perceived degradation might be intentional, to reduce costs or push users towards other services. Others suggest it might be a strategic move by OpenAI or related to broader industry dynamics.
  • Comparisons with Competitors: Users are exploring alternatives, citing better performance or satisfaction with other AI services.
  • Concerns About OpenAI's Decisions: There's a sentiment that OpenAI’s decisions, possibly influenced by financial constraints or strategic choices, are affecting GPT-4’s performance.
  • Hope for Future Improvements: Despite the frustrations, some users express hope for future improvements or alternatives in AI technology.


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