Apple Juices Up Siri with Secret ChatGPT Tests

Apple is internally testing an enhanced version of Siri, codenamed Ajax, that utilizes generative AI and comparisons with ChatGPT to improve its capabilities.


  • iOS 17.4 beta code reveals Apple is testing a new AI assistant called Ajax along with references to a "SiriSummarization" framework.
  • This framework calls the ChatGPT API with prompts to summarize text, answer questions, etc., seemingly to benchmark Ajax's responses.
  • Apple is using ChatGPT and other models like FLAN-T5 to sense check Ajax rather than relying on them permanently.
  • There are both on-device and cloud-based versions of Ajax being tested.
  • Previous reports indicated Ajax would be able to field questions and auto-complete sentences in Messages when launched with iOS 18.
  • Apple is taking a privacy-focused approach to training its AI models using publisher content instead of user data.
  • iOS 18 is expected to launch with new AI capabilities in September alongside the iPhone 16.
  • We'll likely get a preview of the enhanced Siri/Ajax assistant at Apple's WWDC developer conference in June.


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