Apple Unveils Revolutionary Text-to-Image AI for Effortless Photo Editing

Apple has released MGIE, a powerful new AI model that enables text-to-image editing capabilities for making detailed pixel-level modifications to photos through natural language instructions.


  • MGIE is an open-source AI model from Apple that performs image editing by understanding text prompts.
  • It makes use of large language models to interpret instructions and generate visual outputs.
  • Users can make various common Photoshop adjustments like cropping, filtering as well as advanced edits like object manipulation and style transfers simply by providing textual commands.
  • MGIE translates instructions into unambiguous low-level editing steps to precisely modify images.
  • It performs both global adjustments and localized edits to specific regions and objects in an image.
  • The model optimizes different visual attributes like color, texture, shape based on text prompts.
  • MGIE code and models are available in a GitHub repository for developers.
  • There is also a web demo to try out the model's capabilities.
  • MGIE shows the potential of using language models for intuitive image editing through natural instructions.
  • It represents an advance in multimodal AI and could enhance creative workflows.


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