Apple Partners with Publishers to Train AI

Key Takeaway

Apple is paying online news publishers $50 million for access to their content to train an AI model, likely to be used in future iPhones. Publishers support this as Apple is approaching them directly rather than scraping data like other AI models. However, some publishers are concerned that limiting training data may limit the capabilities of Apple's AI.


  • Apple is paying $50 million to online news publishers like Wired, The New Yorker, NBC, and others for access to their articles to train an AI model.
  • This closed loop approach has advantages like reliability and legal protections, but could limit capabilities compared to models trained on broader data.
  • Apple has not disclosed the purpose of the AI model yet, leading to speculation it could be used to generate news as a competitor.
  • The model will likely be available in future iPhones with iOS 18, making Apple the first smartphone company to support large language models.
  • Publishers are supportive of Apple's approach rather than scraping data without consent like OpenAI's ChatGPT.
  • With AI becoming popular in sectors like art and gaming, major companies like Apple are now taking interest.
  • It's unclear how long training will take or when Apple will deploy the model, but AI is expected to heat up as a competitive front in 2024.


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