BDO Launches 'Personas' AI Platform to Boost Productivity

BDO, a prominent UK accountancy and advisory firm, has launched an innovative AI platform called "Personas" to enhance efficiency and productivity of its 7,500 employees.


  • BDO's new "Personas" AI platform uses Microsoft AI technology and advanced GPT-4 models to streamline daily tasks like drafting reports, analyzing documents etc.
  • It allows employees to focus more on complex, strategic aspects of their roles.
  • The platform is customizable to each user's unique style and expertise through custom "personas".
  • Personas ensures brand guideline adherence regarding language, tone and writing style.
  • It has been developed by BDO's workforce for internal use through their innovation platform BDO Labs.
  • Personas operates within a secure BDO environment, prioritizing data confidentiality.
  • It is being rolled out to all 7,500 BDO employees with training programs.
  • This move aligns with BDO's human-led, technology-powered strategy.
  • It signifies their commitment to enabling workforce's engagement with evolving technologies like AI.
  • Driving this innovation is Dan Francis, BDO's Chief Innovation and Digital Officer.
  • BDO's introduction of Personas represents a strategic investment in its workforce to streamline operations, spur innovation and empower employees.


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