MSPs Get AI-as-a-Service Platform

Hatz AI is launching an AI-as-a-Service platform to enable MSPs to build AI solutions and services for their small business customers.


  • Hatz AI is a startup launching an AI-as-a-Service platform in March 2023 to help MSPs offer AI capabilities.
  • The platform includes AI applications, AI agents, vector storage, and ability to build custom large language models.
  • It provides a system of engagement (AI apps for MSPs to manage for customers) and a system of record (storage and models).
  • Key apps are an AI chat assistant and an app builder to create custom AI apps.
  • The platform is powered by an LLM engine called Mido and has MSP admin dashboard.
  • MSPs can integrate and build specialized AI apps and workflows for customers.
  • They can also train their own AI models using customer data or open source models.
  • Hatz AI raised $2.5M in seed funding from Vestigo Ventures.
  • Early access MSP partners highlighted value for SMBs and being able to shape the platform.
  • CEO believes it will put MSPs on the forefront of offering AI capabilities to SMB customers.


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