China's 2023 AI Pursuit Shifts from LLM Rollouts to Adoption

Key Takeaway

The key takeaway is that in 2023, China's pursuit of AI shifted from rapidly rolling out large language models (LLMs) to focusing more on finding commercialization opportunities and customers to adopt the technology.


  • In 2023, China moved from quickly releasing new LLMs to trying to get commercial adoption of AI/LLMs.
  • Two bright spots have emerged for LLM adoption: incorporation into cloud services and industry/business applications.
  • There is still AI/LLM development happening, but greater focus now on finding real-world uses and customers.
  • Opportunities exist around providing AI/LLMs via cloud services.
  • Industry applications of AI/LLMs also show promise for driving adoption.
  • Commercialization and finding customers/users is the next step to translate AI/LLM tech into value.
  • Vietman seen as at leading edge of AI development in emerging SE Asia.
  • Hong Kong based VMS Group launched an AI focused fund.
  • Chinese humanoid robot startup Agibot raised funds to continue development.


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