Alibaba's Qwen 1.5 AI Outperforms Major Models

Alibaba's latest AI model Qwen 1.5 outperforms Claude and GPT-3.5 on multiple AI benchmark tests.


  • Alibaba has announced its latest Qwen 1.5 AI model.
  • Benchmarks shared on social media platform X show Qwen 1.5 beating Claude and GPT-3.5 on tests like MT-bench and Alapaca-Eval.
  • MT-bench tests an AI's ability to answer predefined questions and hold conversations. Qwen 1.5 ranked 4th highest behind only GPT-4 variants.
  • On Alapaca-Eval which emulates human interactions, Qwen 1.5 ranked behind only GPT-4 Turbo and HuggingFace's Yi-34B.
  • Qwen 1.5 is one of the largest open source AI models with backing from Alibaba's computing resources.
  • Many tech giants like Meta, Microsoft, AMD, TSMC etc. are investing heavily in AI given the increased focus in 2024.


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