BharatGPT Aims to Become India's Meta for Indic Language Models

BharatGPT is an Indian initiative aimed at developing open source Indic language models from scratch to address the linguistic and cultural context of India, with the goal of becoming the leading provider of foundational models for the Indian subcontinent.


  • BharatGPT wants to position itself as the "Meta" of Indic language models by creating specialized models across sectors like banking, healthcare, and agriculture.

  • It is developing models for 11 Indian languages and will make them open source, starting with the first text-based model.

  • The models will also expand beyond text to video and speech. The team plans to release these after launching the initial text foundation model.

  • BharatGPT recognizes the need for significant compute resources and is working on acquiring additional GPUs for training the models. They may also set up an AI lab at IIT Bombay.

  • The initiative aligns with the growing contribution of India to open source AI projects globally. It wants to address limitations of existing English models for Indian languages.

  • Along with academics, private partnerships will play an important role in helping BharatGPT achieve its vision of creating shareable Indic language models.

  • BharatGPT's open and comprehensive approach positions it well to become a leader in Indic language model development amidst increasing demand for specialized AI in India.


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