ChatGPT vs Copilot: Which $20 AI Assistant Should You Choose?

OpenAI's ChatGPT Plus and Microsoft's Copilot Pro offer similar core functionality with access to advanced AI models, image generation, and custom chatbots. The main differences are Microsoft 365 integration in Copilot Pro vs a wider selection of plugins and cleaner interface for ChatGPT Plus.


  • Both ChatGPT Plus and Copilot Pro cost $20/month and leverage OpenAI's underlying GPT models for conversational AI abilities.
  • They can both generate images using DALL-E 3 and build custom chatbots.
  • Copilot Pro uniquely integrates with Microsoft 365 products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint to enhance productivity.
  • ChatGPT Plus has more third-party plugins, better customizability of chatbot instructions, and a simpler user interface.
  • If excluding 365 integration, ChatGPT Plus may be preferable for its wider ecosystem and user experience.
  • But for 365 subscribers, Copilot Pro offers a more seamless productivity boost.
  • Claude Pro at the same price is another option focused on a clean interface and regularly adding new features.


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