Empathic AI Set to Revolutionize Human-Machine Collaboration

Artificial empathy and emotionally intelligent AI companions can transform human-machine collaboration by enhancing communication, understanding, and co-creation between humans and machines. This has the power to optimize industrial processes, boost productivity, empower workers, and drive sustainable transformation.


  • Siemens is an early pioneer in industrial AI and empathic computing research.
  • Teaching machines empathy is key to evolving human-machine collaboration. It allows for deeper connections and shared understanding.
  • Empathic AI can analyze human emotions and behaviors to optimize the factory floor environment and worker experience.
  • Siemens has already developed a negotiation training application with empathic avatars to improve users' skills.
  • The industrial metaverse will benefit greatly from intuitive and emotionally intelligent AI assistants that can collaborate effectively with humans on solving problems and innovating.
  • "Power humans" augmented by AI, without need for traditional interfaces, will be able to build and deliver value tremendously fast.
  • This artificial empathy represents a positive disruption that will transform how humans and machines work together across industrial domains.


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