Equinix and NVIDIA Revolutionize AI Supercomputing

Equinix and NVIDIA are partnering to deliver a fully managed private cloud solution that enables enterprises to easily deploy and maintain their own NVIDIA DGX AI supercomputing infrastructure to create and run proprietary generative AI models.


  • Equinix has introduced a new fully managed service that makes it easy for businesses to deploy and manage their own NVIDIA DGX systems and NVIDIA networking for AI supercomputing.

  • The service covers the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform as well and can be deployed by Equinix in key IBX data centers globally.

  • Equinix will install and manage clients' privately owned NVIDIA infrastructure on their behalf.

  • The service allows enterprises to extend their infrastructure operations to achieve the AI performance needed for large-scale model development and inference.

  • Early adopters include companies in biopharma, financial services, software, automotive and retail who are building AI Centers of Excellence.

  • With Equinix's solution, clients can run their AI infrastructure near their data, enabling high-speed private network connectivity to cloud services and global network providers.

  • This allows faster retrieval of generative AI data across corporate WANs while meeting security, compliance and performance needs.


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