Shield AI Valuation Soars to $2.8B With $500M Series F

Shield AI, a defense tech startup building AI pilots, has expanded its Series F funding round to $500 million total through an additional $300 million in equity and debt, increasing its valuation to $2.8 billion.


  • Shield AI originally closed a $200 million Series F equity round in November 2022.
  • The company has now added $100 million in new Series F equity and $200 million in debt from Hercules Capital.
  • Shield AI's valuation is now $2.8 billion, up from the previous $2.7 billion valuation.
  • The funding will support Shield AI's development of Hivemind, an AI pilot system to enable autonomous flight and coordination of teams of aircraft.
  • Shield AI believes AI pilots will be a key military deterrent and is urging faster adoption by the Department of Defense.
  • The company recently launched V-BAT Teams software to coordinate autonomous drone teams using Hivemind.
  • Total Series F funding for Shield AI now stands at $500 million in equity and debt.


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