The AI Clock That Dreams in Rhyme

The Poem/1 clock is a creative AI-powered gadget that playfully tells the time through generated poems, envisioning an amusing future of embedded intelligence in everyday objects.


  • Poem/1 is a $150 Kickstarter clock that displays a unique poem every minute to tell the time in a whimsical way.
  • Created by Acts Not Facts studio and Approach industrial design firm. Has e-paper display and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Creator Matt Webb previously ran hardware studio Berg, known for reconciling digital info and physical devices.
  • Sees Poem/1 as a glimpse of the future where sprinklings of AI make many objects a bit smarter, unlike the current trend of one smart AI companion.
  • Initial inspiration came from demonstrating AI capabilities to a client. Connecting it to an old e-ink clock created a quirky proof of concept.
  • Backend poems generated via affordable ChatGPT 3.5; "prompt engineering" used to vary poems.
  • Physical design aims for playful heft and customization like changeable typefaces.
  • No subscription fees; business model budgets AI operating costs for 3 years, expecting future reduced AI pricing.
  • Technically inclined users can link Poem/1 to their own AI text server for customization.


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