A Third of Texas State Agencies Using AI 

More than a third of Texas state agencies are already using AI tools and automation to improve efficiency and assist with tasks like processing unemployment claims. However, there are growing concerns around bias, privacy, and losing control of the technology.


  • The Texas Workforce Commission deployed AI chatbots to handle the surge in unemployment claims during the pandemic. Over 21 million questions were answered by the first chatbot, "Larry".
  • State Rep. Giovanni Capriglione sponsored a bill to create an advisory council to take inventory of how Texas agencies currently use AI and study whether the state needs ethics rules around its use.
  • Concerns around AI include: systems absorbing historical biases and disproportionately impacting marginalized groups; dependence on large datasets threatening privacy; losing transparency and control as systems become more complex.
  • Proponents view AI automation as a way to increase government efficiency for tasks like case management, policy analysis, hiring and training.
  • The advisory council will make recommendations to the Legislature by the end of 2024 on AI ethics, guidelines, and oversight.
  • Interest continues growing rapidly in deploying AI tools across state and local government. Over 300 members now participate in the Dept. of Information Resources AI user group.




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