AI health Coach for personalized nutrition planning

Key Takeaway

Healthify, an Indian health and fitness startup, has introduced Ria 2.0, an advanced generative AI-powered personal health coach that provides customized health advice based on factors like user's schedule, meals, health metrics, and preferences.


  • Healthify unveiled the AI-powered personal health coach, Ria 2.0, at the Ignite conference.
  • Ria 2.0 adjusts health advice to individual lifestyles and goals by considering schedule, meals, blood sugar, activity, preferences etc.
  • It uses 'Snap' feature to instantly identify foods from meal photos and calculate nutritional content.
  • Healthify has partnered with Swiggy to allow ordering meals via Healthify app based on Ria's diet recommendations.
  • A Stanford study validated Healthify's human-AI coaching model 'Coach Co-Pilot' to increase weight loss efficacy by 70%.
  • Healthify uses multiple foundational models instead of relying on one to contextualize information.
  • It focuses on domain knowledge to draw new insights from extensive 350 million+ conversational dataset.
  • Healthify emphasizes user control of health data, allows deleting data, decides data sharing with coach.
  • The shift from older AI systems like original Ria to new generative models expanded Healthify's data inputs.
  • In 2022, realizing monetization potential of AI services like ChatGPT made Healthify develop an app with chat interface.
  • For FY2024, Healthify expects double-digit growth, crossing $30 million revenue at $40 million run rate.


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